Using Imagefield and the Insert modules, I can insert into CKeditor "Automatic" image styles, but not "Lightbox" styles.

What I've tried

This suggests that CKeditor is filtering the inserted code. I've tried disabling (a) Security>Security filters "HTML filter" (b) Advanced content filter (c) Advanced options>Custom JavaScript configuration "config.allowedContent = true;"

How to

I've added an imagefield to my content type. In Create node, I upload an image, and a Style box appears with "Automatic" and pre-defined imagecache options. If I select Automatic and click the Insert button, my image appears in CKeditor. If I select one of the imagecache/lightbox options and click Insert, nothing happens.


I'm running: Drupal 6.35, CKeditor 1.15 (with CK editor 4.3.4), Insert 1.2, ImageField 3.11, imagecache 2.0-rc1, Lightbox 1.11.

Any suggestions?

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