I have installed the following modules:

FileField Sources Plupload, FileField Sources, Plupload module and added latest plupload library.

While uploading multiple files it is showing only list of files but its not showing the widget for thumbnail & list view.

So how to show that widget.

  • Not clear; what do you mean by "widget for thumbnail & list view"? Are you able to upload the files using Plupload, or Plupload does not show at all? Apr 14, 2015 at 7:27

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The Plupload integration module does not support the UI components of the Plupload Library. It is just as the module name suggest an integration with the library. The actual preview/thumbnails of uploaded images is handled by other modules like in your case FileField Sources Plupload and FileField Sources. You can check the module maintainers answer here. For modules that integrate with Plupload scroll down to the list on the module page.

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