In the webform-mail.tpl.php template, it outputs the main form data using:


I am using the html format (using mime-mail) and this outputs to the email html in the form:

<div><label>Name</label>Name value</div>

Is there a way I can customise the output so that it doesn't use the label field and uses a <p> tag instead?

The problem with the <label> tag is that I cannot style it in Microsoft Outlook as it ignores all styling for this tag, and the email is quite difficult to read/understand.

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I managed to find the answer from an identical question at How to use [submission:values] in Email template in Webforms.

Using the webform-submissions.tpl.php template I changed the output structure from:

<div><label>Name</label>Name value</div>


<div><p class="label">Name</p><p class="value">Name Value</p></div>

Using the code below:

if ($format == 'html') {
    $output = drupal_render_children($renderable);
    $output = preg_replace('/<label.*?>/', '<p class="label">', $output);
    $output = str_replace(' </label>', ':</p><p class="value">', $output);
    $output = str_replace('</div>', '</p></div>', $output);
    print $output;

Now the styling in my Outlook emails look much better :)

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