I installed the Features extra module to export custom made blocks in my Drupal 7 environment. But for some reason, it doesn't work...

What I do is the following:

  1. I create a custom block
  2. I give it a machine name, description, title and body, just like it's required.
  3. I go to Structure - features - Create feature
  4. I create my feature by clicking the custom block under FE Block
  5. The fe_block dependencies fills in automatically.
  6. I download the feature and place it in /sites/all/modules/features
  7. In my install profile I add this line: dependencies[] = custom_blocks
  8. I try to reinstall the website and... nothing!

The blocks aren't showing up in my Block-page, but the feature is... What am I doing wrong in this process? Do I need to enable something or install an extra module in order to get my custom blocks exported?

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Use the Panels module to get the ability to create "Mini-panels" which function as equivalents to the standard Drupal block.

I believe there is much better support for exporting mini-panels into Features, since exportability was a key design component for the Panels module.

Personally, I've been successful using Panels, mini-panels, and Features.


IIRC, you can't put drupal blocks into features without patching it.

Have a look at the Boxes module, this is a replacement for the blocks system and is compatible with features.

Boxes module is a reimplementation of the custom blocks (boxes) that the core block module provides. It is a proof of concept for what a re-worked block module could do.

The module assumes that custom blocks are configuration, and not content. This means that it is a reasonable action to ask for all blocks at one time, this is in fact exactly what the core block module does.

Boxes provides an inline interface for editing blocks, allowing you to change the contents of blocks without going to an admin page.

Boxes provides exportables for its blocks via the (required) Chaos tools module. This allows modules to provide blocks in code that can be overwritten in the UI.


Try upgrading your Features Extra module. Or try Blockexport module instead.


I think that you need to enable your features. Use drush, it's an interesting tools for drupal

drush en your_feature_name.

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