Could I configure drush for non-interacive usage from bash-scripts to be always affirmative as I would pass the --yes and -v-option in /etc/drush/drush.ini? I'm aware that I could set a bash-alias and that I could set it in /etc/drush/drushrc.php. But for reasons of clarity I'd like to use the ini-style-configuration.


Drush will not read options from php.ini / drush.ini by default. Your best option would be to use a bash alias, or set $options['yes'] = TRUE; in a drushrc.php file.

If you really really have to set an option in drush.ini, you could hack this functionality by writing a policy file. It would look something like this:

function policy_init() {
  if (ini_get('drush_yes')) {
    drush_set_option('yes', TRUE);
    // Drush does not expect a globla option to change
    // at this time, so you need to re-call _drush_preflight_global_options().
    // This is not a public API, so the name may change, etc.

The only motivation I can see for doing this is if you already have some fancy mechanism for selecting your php.ini based on context. If you wanted to do that, then put policy.drush.inc in ~/.drush, or some other location where Drush searches for commandfiles.

I have not tested this; post a follow-up comment if you really want to do this and have trouble with it.

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