My client has a drupal site where the admin gets a SKU in the confirmation email. He wants to replace that with product name. How can I do that and where do I have to change it?

I found this patch, but I don't see the file in authorize.net module to patch the code.

Can anyone help me out.

Thank You.


You might want to modify uc-order--admin.tpl.php under sites\all\modules\ubercart\uc_order\templates
look for: $product->model (SKU) and comment it out or replace it directly with $product->title , modify the template to your liking but always keep a copy of the original template.

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  • Thanks @quddal . need to change the code in sites\all\modules\ubercart\payment\uc_authorizenet\uc_authorizenet.module file. – chaitanya Apr 20 '15 at 12:32

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