I've embedded a node/add form on my homepage for submissions but for caching purposes, I need to have any server-side validation occur on a different page instead of itself.

I.e. If the form fails server-side validation, it returns me to the index page. INSTEAD, I'd like it to go to some other page, like /form-error and display the error there with the form below to fix the error.


The problem with that is you're going to loose form state redirecting to your custom /form-error form. One solution is to duplicate your embedded node/add form at /error-form (build via hook_menu & drupal_get_form). Then modify your embedded frontpage node/add form to submit at /error-form.

$form['#action'] = url('error-form');

Lastly, modify your node/add form submission handler to go wherever you need it to on a successful submission (instead of /error-form)

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