When I'm creating a new panel page within the Panels module I want the new page to automatically load up with the content and layout and settings of my default site template.

For example, I want the site name, logo, main menu and a few other things to show on every single page without manually adding it every time I create a new page.

Should I not be creating a new Panel page for each section of my site?

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You want to create a new page by cloning (AKA copying) the one you've already made with all your content/layout/settings chosen.

Under admin/structure/pages, navigate to the Edit form for the page you've already created and would like to replicate (See screenshot).

enter image description here

Then, click on the Clone button on the top, right-hand menu of the page's Edit form (See screenshot).

Click the Clone button

Then just follow the wizard's instructions for cloning the page. Once you've cloned the page, you'll have a brand new page with all the same content, layout, and settings as the previous one.

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