I have to solve a small bug in a Drupal 7.31 installation.

I have 3 rows in homepage, in which are listed 3 articles for each of them. Here a partial screenshot of Edit View for the first row, in wich Sort criteria is set to "Publishing Date".

enter image description here

In "Auto preview" pane, in the bottom area of this page, sorting seems corresponding to "Publishing Date" (node IDs are respectevely: "node-1901", "node-1861", "node-1904"), while when I load Homepage in browser, order is "node-1861", "node-1901", "node-1904".

It seems that in a case, order is made by "Last-edit Date" and not "Publishing Date".

How to make them coherent and, most important, how to display articles in Homepage in "Publishing Date" order ignoring "Last-edit Date"?


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By your description, it seems to me that there's some code in your theme implementing a views hook or a theme hook, and doing a custom ordering before rendering the results (either altering the query, or altering the results after the query). The following hooks could do that:

  • hook_views_pre_execute()
  • hook_views_post_execute()
  • hook_views_pre_render()

plus the theme_preprocess_views_view()

I'd suggest having a look at the theme to see if any of those is implemented, and is getting in the way.


With Drupal core and Views you get two dates associated with nodes 'Content: Post date' and 'Content: Updated date'.

Post date is the date of creation of the node, Updated date is the date of last save.

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