Use Case: I have two differnent Content Types, A and B, each with a taxonomy fields 'State'.

Content Type A has two nodes, with California and South Dakota selected.

Content Type B has two nodes, with Alabama selected in both nodes.

The requirement is to created a tabular View that would look like this:

enter image description here

So within the Views interface, how do I create this?



I think the Views Aggregator Plus module can be of help. Among others it has possibilities to tally and enumerate views fields, so I think you can make the summary table you're asking for.

The module description is as follows:

In addition to what Views and Views Calc do, this module:

  • enumerates group members
  • produces tallies, i.e. textual histograms
  • aggregates on Views PHP code-snippet evalutations
  • can filter out result rows on regexp patterns
  • gives you sorting on Views' Math expressions
  • can process Webform submissions
  • lets you add your own custom aggregation functions

... and it puts summary statistics at the bottom of your aggregated table as well!

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