I want to create products using commerce services resource module. At this moment, I can create a product calling the resource .../product with POST, but It seems that It only creates a product variations, because If I navigate to "manage products" option, I can't see the new product but if I call a GET over resource .../product I can see the new one. Then, I'd tried to create a product using .../node resource, but I always get an error:

"field_product][und][form][commerce_price][und][0][amount": "Price field is required"  

I don't know what is the right JSON structure to create a node with its product variations. Could some one put here an example of the right JSON structure for creating node products?

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I've found the error. Firstable, my drupal commerce installation hasn't product_display content type. I have to add it manually. I don't know why, but It's missing after clean installation. Secondly, the right JSON structure for commerce price section is:

"field_product":{ "und" :  
            {  "form": {
                   "commerce_price": {
                        "und": [ {
                           "amount": "1234.34",
                           "currency_code": "EUR",
                           "data": { "components": [] }
                            } ]

After this change, I can create products display and I can see it on product manage page. Hope It could be useful for other who has the same problem.

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