I am using image_style_create_derivative to create image styles on fly. Before that I am using image_style_path which creates style path.

$derivative_uri = image_style_path([style_name], [source]);
image_style_create_derivative([style_name], [source], $derivative_uri)

It generates image. Which is fine. But it is generating image with original size. Not with the size of style_name.

For example if style name is thumbnail, the generated image style size should be 160x100.

How can I achieve it?

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image_style_create_derivative needs the style passed as array.., so _ first you need to load the style or fake the array

applying all image effects defined in $style['effects']

see: image_style_create_derivative

i usually use image_style_url like this (if taken from field), otherwise just pass the source.

        $field = field_view_field('node', $node, $field_name, reset($image), $arr_display);
        if ($img_style) {
          $uri = image_style_url($img_style, $field[0]['#item']['uri']);
        else {
          $uri = file_create_url($field[0]['#item']['uri']);

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