Using Commerce Kickstart 2.

When we add new products, the facet search index does not re-index automatically as it says it does (Maybe because we are using some Aggregated Fields?) -Whatever-, we have to re-build the index manually to get certain search fields to work.

I read a bit and it -seems- as though the standard cron tasks -should- add to the index, but that ain't happening.

So: Is there a way to create an 'Re-build Index' to a list of nightly Cron jobs?

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If you have Drush on your server, you can use the drush search-api-reindex command. This way you don't need to invoke a cron, but can force a reindex.

Note: You'll need to run drush search-api-list first to get the numeric identifier for the index when you run the re-index command.

Reference more info here: http://drushcommands.com/drush-6x/search-api/search-api-reindex

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