In my Drupal 7 project I have users of role A and B respectively. Users of role A can create content and users of role B can flag it.

I'm building a view that displays on A users' account page their content and names of B users who flaggd it.

I have created a view Content (not User) and added relationship Flags: Content flag and consequently field Flags: User uid to display together with content related fields.

In view block I use Grid format. Same content information is displayed several times per each user who flagged it, like bellow

Content title QWERTY
Users uid who flagged 1

Content title QWERTY
Users uid who flagged 2

Content title QWERTY
Users uid who flagged 3

How can I display content information only once and users who flagged in one field separated by comma?

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you need to edit /drupal/sites/all/themes/MYTHEMENAME/template.php

then add the following code.

function MYTHEMENAME_preprocess_views_view_fields($vars){
      if ($vars['view']->name == "VIEWNAME" && $vars['view']->current_display == "DISPLAY" && $vars['id'] != 1){
        $vars['fields']['title']->content = '';

What this code is saying is if your row is not equal to (!=) 1, then don't display anything. Thus, it will print your title only for row 1.

  • replace MYTHEMENAME with your actual theme name.

  • replace VIEWNAME with your view's name. example: flagged_content

  • replace DISPLAY with your view's machine name. You can find this by editing your view, then under Advanced -> other

    examples: block, block_1, page, page_1 or default. It's default if you're using your master view.

For user's separated by comma you would have to use css for that.


PS: I think you would have to change it from grid to html list for your view.

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