I have a problem Accessing the file path of an uploaded image. I'm trying to create a custom Carousel and build it up in a Drupal Block. I'm pulling the array created from the view of the content type like so:

$slides = views_get_view_result('slide');

foreach ($slides as $slide) {
    echo $slide->_field_data['nid']['entity']->field_slide_image['und'][0]['uri'];

My problem is that URI prints out "public://someimage.jpg" instead of "someimage.jpg" or "sites/all/images/someimage.jpg." I know I could do a string replace on this, but Drupal must have a way of getting the right file path to the image. Any suggestions?

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You can use file_create_url($uri) which will generate an absolute URL (including $base_url which contains your server domain name).

print file_create_url('public://someimage.jpg'); will generate something like http://localhost/sites/default/files/someimage.jpg if your website is installed in localhost and your files are located in the default directory.


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