If I add a Node Reference field to a node content type (with Reference from URL as a widget,) this field appears in the rendered content and can be used to jump to the referenced node.

I am trying to get a similar result in the rendered comment of the same content type: If I add a Node Reference field with Reference to URL in the Comment Fields edit page of the content type, it doesn't show up in the rendered comment page.

Why do I want to do this? Because when one leaves a comment in the rendered content, a message is sent to the author of the post that a comment was posted. In the email, there is a link to see the comment. The link is of the form example.com/comment/000#comment-000 and that's not the original post with the comments below.

So I am trying to add a link to the comment page that would send the reader to the rendered node where the comment was originally posted.

Does this mean one cannot reference a node from the same node's comment page?

Or does it mean there is another way to accomplish this?

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You should be able to display a node reference in a comment, if your not seeing it show up, I would check ether your fields that are being displayed (at /admin/structure/types/manage/content_type/comment/display) or check your theme to see what's getting printed out.

That being said, if your just looking for a way to put a link in the outbound email to the parent node, there's easier ways to do this. You might want to take a look at Comment Notify, which has a fairly easy to use interface on the back end that allows you to send a template email to the node author that uses tokens for replacement values.

Another option is to just use Actions, which also uses tokens, and add the url to the module. This is handy, as it can be used to send emails to site admins.

  • Yes, got it fixed in the theme. I use comment notify, this is how the notification emails are sent. I tried to replace the default token with one that would send the reader directly to the node, but I couldn't find one, so the node reference link appears to be the only solution. Thanks for your help. :)
    – user14666
    Commented Apr 27, 2015 at 20:41

You could achieve this with Comment Notify module.
We use it on few sites and it works great out of the box.

From module page:


Mail registered and anonymous users about comment follow-ups

Allow users to unsubscribe from notifications on a specific post with a single click

Allow registered users to preset their follow-up setting in their profile

Users can choose to get notifications about all comments on a node or just replies to their comment Registered authors can get notifications about comments on their nodes Note: Since it only notifies you about published comments, this is not a solution to notify admins when they need to moderate comments on their site

  • Interesting approach. I am going to look into it. Thanks. :)
    – user14666
    Commented Apr 27, 2015 at 20:52

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