I already know that node content versioning is supported in drupal, what I want to know is how much?

I for instance create a content type 'article' and add some extra text fields to it, The article content should have the capability to be reviewed and altered by many authors/reviewers and their changes will be saved as seperate records not impacting the real article record, only if I approve their changes will they be reflected on main article record.

Which of the functionality is currently supported and what is not?


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You can use Revisioning module for comparisons of different revisions:

Revisioning is a module for the configuration of workflows to create, moderate and publish content revisions.

or you can use Diff module:

This module adds a tab for sufficiently permissioned users. The tab shows all revisions like standard Drupal but it also allows pretty viewing of all added/changed/deleted words between revisions.

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