How to add auto categorization(Taxonomy Term) to node based on node body/description.

Node Body/Description: Retro is back in style, so flaunt the same when wearing this T-shirt from PUMA. Fashioned for men, this piece can be easily worn when heading out for a crazy day ahead with friends. Live in the moment by wearing this T-shirt with casual trousers and flip-flops when you hit the street with your best buddies Here i have : ->T-Shirts, flip-flops, MEN etc, By reading this content i want to assign auto taxonomy term reference in node field as T-Shirts to node. Is it possible to do this? Anyone help me ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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If I understand you, there is a few modules which can handle it:

  1. Word Link (I recommend it)

The Word Link module allows you to automatically convert specific words into links. It works as text filter. This can be useful for crossposting your site's pages, or for the contextual advertising of your partners (SEO).

  1. Active Taxonomy Links

Active Taxonomy Links module processes nodes of selected content types replacing words in the nodes with links to taxonomy terms.

  1. Glossify (this one supports Drupal 6 also)

The Glossify module provides filters that scan and parse content and replace terms in the text with links to their pages. The d7 version is a complete rewrite of the module to be as simple and performant as possible.

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