I am using the module Leaflet and its sub-module "Leaflet views" and IP Geolocation Views & Maps (IPGV&M for short), which provides a nice way to assign icon images to, in my case, content type in order to get a map displaying markers. I have set it up so to show different markers depending on the content type. I have also a field linked to the nodes, displaying a number, which is the number of users subscribed to that node.

What I need is to change dynamically the size of the marker, so that the nodes with more people subscribed (bigger int) will appear bigger than others with lower number.

I am using a view to display the map and the markers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Maybe the Leaflet Extension module "Leaflet Label" helps to implement what you are trying to do? It provides a light-weight alternative to marker popups for Leaflet maps using labels, provided by the Leaflet Label javascript plugin.


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