I've worked on and off with Drupal for a few years.

One thing that has bothered me a bit, is that the admin toolbar at the top doesn't give you the full flavour of what the public will see.

I usually get around this by using a second browser where I'm not logged in.

I wonder if there is a simple url parameter or some other setting that can turn off or hide the toolbar for testing display.

searching the web reveals a trick with some permissions.


But using a second browser seems easier as I'll want this for just a few minutes at a time.

Could I write a simple plugin that will catch some url parameter and hide the admin toolbar, is there such a thing already?

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If your using the built in D7 tool bar, take a look at Toolbar Hider.

This module will hide/show the toolbar with the press of a key that you configure. It will optionally adjust the page padding to hide the white space. You can also configure if you would like to hide the toolbar by default.

If your using the contributed admin menu, there is also Admin Menu Hider, which does the same thing, but is in alpha.


You could use Masquerade and create user without the permission to use the toolbar.

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