Am using Drupal 7 Feeds module and I have "Autocomplete term widget (tagging)" field in content type.

As well as I have configured as "Auto create". But, when I import nodes that auto creation does not working, its shows the blank field.

Any other way to do?

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If Feeds creates empty values on Auto create, you need to verify your mapping. Make sure your Context Value in XML Xpath parser is fetching the right data by enabling Debug option, so you can see exact value being imported. If it's not, please validate your XPath on your sample data (for example, on XPath Tester).

If your XPath is correct, then use hook_feeds_after_parse() to debug your feed items.

 * Implements hook_feeds_after_parse().
 * Invoked after a feed source has been parsed, before it will be processed.
function MYMODULE_feeds_after_parse(FeedsSource $source, FeedsParserResult $result) {
  foreach ($result->items as &$item) {
    drupal_set_message(print_r($item, TRUE));

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