Could somebody give me an example of how to use token_replace()?
I'm trying to write a custom PHP rule for the Rules module that will rewrite few fields of a new saved content, using the values from tokens.

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$text = token_replace('token example - [node:title]', array('node' => node_load(123)));
  • thats really works for me :)
    – WaQaR Ali
    May 16, 2017 at 13:24

As you are asking about how to replace tokens in a Rules action that is executing custom PHP code, you don't need to replace the tokens with token_replace().

If you enter something similar to the following code, the tokens will be replaced by the Rules module.

drupal_set_message(t('This is the node ID: %node-id', array('%node-id' => [node:nid]));

The list of the available tokens is reported in the custom PHP action page.


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