I have installed the following modules in an existing Drupal site:

  • Commerce and Commerce UI
  • Customer and Customer UI
  • Price
  • Line Item and Line Item UI
  • Order and Order UI
  • Checkout, Payment, Product
  • Product Reference
  • Cart and Product Pricing
  • Tax
  • Product UI
  • Tax UI
  • Payment UI
  • Shipping
  • Shipping Flat Rate

And my online shopping is working fine as expected. Now I'm trying to setup different shipping rates, so I'm following the instructions on Flat Rate module, however when I go to Store > Configuration > Shipping there is no option to Add a flat rate service

Wha am I missing?


Check "Shipping methods" tab (or go to .../admin/commerce/config/shipping/methods). Flat rate should be listed here.

If not double check that flat rate module is enabled?


When viewing page Store > Configuration > Shipping there is few tabs like "Shipping services" and "Shipping methods" but below them is another set of tabs, which should include "Flat rate" and should be chosen before Add a flat rate service link becomes visible on that page.

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