So, I've been trying to implement a 'sample request' type webform using Flag, Webform, and Webform Views. The idea is to have a webform with a select list made from a view of Flags as implemented here through a custom moduleProgrammatic Sample Request, Drupal Steve.

The issue I'm having is that I can't seem to get a checkbox to show up in the view. I have followed the instructions at the webform views documentationWebform Views Docs by creating a boolean field with a checkbox widget. I'm Flagging Commerce products. I have even tried to add a boolean on Flags and add that into the view, but that didn't work either. Not sure is this is a Flags, Commerce, or Webform Views issue, but I wanted to report this here and see if anyone had any ideas.

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Using drupal commerce (irrelevant), session_api, flags, views, webform4, custom content type (product display in my example), custom module.

Works even under anonymouse user

I think it's in select field settings.

Called "Multiple":



 * Implements hook_webform_select_options_info().
 function webform_flags_webform_select_options_info() {
    $items = array();
     if (function_exists('webform_flags_user_flag_sample_requests')) {
         $items['webform_flags_user_flag_sample_requests'] = array(
         'title' => t("User's flagged products"),
         'options callback' => 'webform_flags_user_flag_sample_requests',

    return $items;

 function webform_flags_user_flag_sample_requests() {
     $view = views_get_view('user_flagged_products', TRUE);
     $options = array();

         if ($view->result) {
             //$row_class = $view->style_options['row_class'];
             //$attributes = $row_class ? " class='$row_class'" : '';
             foreach($view->result as $item) {
                $options[$item->nid] = '<a>' . render($item->field_field_image[0]['rendered']) . $item->node_title .  '</a>';
         else {
            $options[0] = t("Nothing");

    return $options;

View's settings: view's settings

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