I have the feeds module enabled and when I load a basic view, it generates 688 calls to the function feeds_entity_load which generate as many database query, which degrades the performance.

Why are these call needed ? For me feeds is only use to import data, so why is it impacting every single page load ? I'm thinking of deactivating this function but I would like to understand if it's safe to do so.


Why and when is feeds_entity_load needed

It isn't.

feeds_entity_load() was removed from the Feeds module 3 years ago. It no longer exists in the codebase (download and grep -nr feeds_entity_load feeds, the only reference you'll find is in the changelog).

You should upgrade your version of feeds ASAP, you must have an outdated version installed.

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  • You are right, but strangely, when drupal thinks my version is up to date and doesn't propose me to update it. – mb14 May 9 '15 at 16:15

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