I want to show content of type A (products) in the middle of contents of type B(Producers), however I do not want to use Node reference since it's an overkill to make it happen with lots of products.

So far I have a Vocabulary which both content type share, so I thought if I choose a single taxonomy term when creating the contents of each type, I can relate them using views to each other based on that shared taxonomy.

Anyways so far no luck, I appreciate any helps.


Add a block view to show content of type A (products), add a contextual filter Content: Has taxonomy term ID, provide default value with PHP:

$node = node_load(arg(1));
return $node->field_term['und'][0]['tid'];

You can add safeguards, like is_int(arg(1)), is_object($node), $node->type == "product", etc. You don't need to if you add the block to a region and set it to be displayed on nodes of type B (producers) only.

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