I've been exporting Panelizer configuration to features and pushing up to production. My strategy so far has been:

  • Config is created on local and pushed up via features
  • Content, such as Fieldable Panels Panes instances are created directly on production.

However, this is now causing issues. When I revert a Panel/Panelizer feature, it reverts back to my local settings and removes any content panes I've added on production.

A couple of ideas I have for managing content panes:

  • Use UUID features to push up any content panes. Trouble with this is that the content panes are now in the dev/stage/live workflow and any changes on production will be reverted with the next drush fra.

  • Pull down a fresh copy of the database before doing any further edits to a feature, that way when a feature is recreated on local, it will contain the new content panes.

How do you manage content panes when using features?

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We have very similar problems - not only with features but in other areas as well. The best solution we came up with so far is close to your second one:

Drupal 6 & 7 - Yin/Yang Multisite Staging

So here you'd switch with the new DB version into the Staging system and use the Staging as the new Live version. But I don't feel too comfortable about this + it might not work everywhere if the two Servers are different.

In a way less complex evironment with small changes I'm doing the following: Every night the DB will be copied from Live to Dev. In this environment I'm sure I only have small changes in Dev which take usually minutes to an hour max. and I've got a fresh DB every day and can start from there.

  • Thanks. The site is hosted on platform.sh, so it handles the merging/syncing between environments really well. For the most part my workflow is quite smooth - but when content and configuration crossover, like in the case of content panes, things get tricky. May 11, 2015 at 9:45

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