I am seeing the following screen when i am saving or updating a node in drupal 7 admin.

I am using Drupal 7 with Seven theme.I am seeing the following texts in white screen.To get the actual i need to click back button.

[ {"command":"settings", "settings":{"basePath":"\u002F", "pathPrefix":"", "ajaxPageState":{"theme":"nbiz_train", "theme_token":"BVOiHIMf2BoQgMAltQtiv_GRDGBYoFOGNn3hJ8eJRxw"}, "colorbox":{"opacity":"0.85", "current":"{current} of {total}", "previous":"« Prev", "next":"Next »", "close":"Close", "maxWidth":"98%", "maxHeight":"98%", "fixed":true, "mobiledetect":true, "mobiledevicewidth":"480px"}}, "merge":true} ]

How can i remove this error?

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Sounds like it may be related to (caused by) JQuery Update, similar to what is described in "Cannot edit my views.. I get a JSON string?".

Maybe you want to (temporary) try any of these potential work arounds:

  • Disable or change the settings within JQuery Update (to see if it solves the issue).
  • Change the admin theme to any theme included in the Drupal version you downloaded.

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