I want to create a chart system for my website, for the apparel trend forecasting company. To do so, I want to add trends of sales based on today, yesterday, this week, this month, and year trend.

I have created the chart, but can't find any module to solve my purpose. I tried the Date Facets module, but I don't know why I cannot get it to work, even though I have installed the Facet API too.

Is there any similar module to make this work?

Some more details about what I'm trying to do:

  • suppose it's a chart about shirt trends.
  • about these types of shirts: sleeveless, half sleeve, or full sleeve.
  • filtered by Today, Yesterday, This week, This month, this year.

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Consider looking at the Comparison of Charting modules. Here is a quote from it:

There are a variety of modules that facilitate the creation of charts. When it comes to charting in Drupal, the saying "There's a module for it" doesn't really apply. In this case, it's more accurate to say, "There are plenty of modules for it" ...

These modules support for various charting libraries that may be desirable based on a site's desired appearance, feature-set, and licensing needs.

Using the Charts module is one of the options to consider. Here is part of what's currently included in that link (its project page):

Transform Data into Information. Charts are a very good way to visualize a lot of data in a way that can be quickly digested.


  • Wide chart type support: Pie, Line, Bar, Column, Area or Scatter charts.
  • API: A Drupal-friendly syntax for creating charts easily, regardless of the underlying library.
  • Views integration: Display the Views results as charts.
  • Examples: The module includes lots of example charts for you to reference when building your own charts or chart library integration.
  • Supported charting libraries: out of the box, you may use either (the new) Google Charts (GC for short) or Highcharts (HC for short) as the charting library.
  • For 'documentation' about the charts module, you may want to start from its community documentation.

    There is an issue also that might be worth looking at, about Graph node input over time (support date formatting on a continuous axis). In Comment #3 of that issue is stated: 'The trouble here is that neither Views nor Date modules provide aggregation options for date-based fields'.

    Disclosure: I'm the author of the comparison (+ co-maintainer of the charts module), I hope this does not violate the site's policy on self-promotion.

    • Helllllloooo sir, thanks for helping me out. But my main issue was filtering graph results based on date, I have tried date facet module but it seems not working for me. Commented May 10, 2015 at 18:09

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