I am trying to configure a webform to redirect to another page after submission by including the redirect location in the url:


According to webform there is a token [current-page:query:?] which I assume can extract the value of destination. I have including it in the webform redirect to custom URL of the form, but I cant get it to work.

I have tried:

  • [current-page:query:?]
  • [current-page:query:?destination]
  • [current-page:query:destination]

But nothing seems to work. What is the correct way of using this token to get a variable from the URL?

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I've found that no token is required for this...

You can select Confirmation page as the redirect location, then the ?destination= parameter will just work. Not sure that this is a documented feature, though.

See also https://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/120466/webform-redirect-to-referring-page-on-submit-not-showing-message which highlights a downside to this method.


I just tried the [current-page:query:destination] token in the Custom URL box, and that works too.

No problems with the confirmation message appearing, either!

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