Hi i'm using SMTP module to send uploaded inforamation into mail using webforms.so i'm getting below information to my mail fine but in place of upload Your Cv link i need attachment .

The following application was received from the website.

==Contact details== Title: demo1 First name: demo Surname / Family Name: demo Tel (Daytime): xxxxxxxxxx Email address: [email protected] Currently living in: london Prepared to relocate: Yes

==Career choices== Job type: Permanent Current salary: 200 Min. salary required: 200 Were you referred by a friend? Upload your CV:http://xxxxx/system/files/webform/uploaded_cvs/demoresume_4.doc

This requirement cab be done using MIME module and Mail System but it's take more time to submit form.

Please help me i'm new to drupal.

Thanks in advance.

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  • All sorted in the end with host entries on the server,I have updated host entries for sending email and added domain name as host entry then webform very fast to submited .it's works for me

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