I have a node type='event' that has a "text field with date popup calendar". The date format is "05/13/2015 - 7:02pm". On the edit page, the form renders as two fields: a calendar popup text field and a separate field for the time. This field is mandatory; but, it has been requested that the time value not be mandatory.

The problem occurs when the node is saved. It saves the date correctly; but, it inserts the current time if no time has been entered. Is there a way to have it not enter a time or just default to midnight if no time has been entered?

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Set your Default value for your event date field to Blank. This will make the date/time field empty upon default. A user has to enter date if it's a required field, but can leave the time field blank. If it's left blank it will default to 00:00.

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