Say, one content type is "CONCEPT" and it has a field named 'STATUS'. Another content type is "Article" and it has a node-reference auto-complete field named 'CONCEPT FROM'.

Now I want to see only "CONCEPT" contents whose status value is "ACCEPTED" as a suggestion of "CONCEPT FROM" auto-complete field.

  • You have to create a view & apply filter on them that "Show CONCEPT whose STATUS is ACCEPTED" – Nishant May 14 '15 at 7:47

If you're using the entity reference module, what you can do is autocomplete from an entity reference view. You can add a filter on your entity reference view that filters nodes of type CONCEPT with a status field value of ACCEPTED. Once your view is created, you can select it under the Entity selection fieldset.


Thanks @shawn-conn His answer is perfect but I can't give vote because of minimum reputation. See following solution in details:

Step 1:
First create one entity reference view
Note: In this view include referenced content type (e.g.: CONCEPT) and it's filter/condition field (e.g.: STATUS)

Step 2:
From MANAGE FIELDS of the required content type (e.g.: PROJECT), Add field that FIELD TYPE will be Entity Reference and WIDGET will be autocomplete then click on the SAVE button.

Step 3:
Now choose Views: Filter by an entity reference view option in MODE field and choose your views that is created in Step 1 in View used to select the entities field from ENTITY SELECTION section of the field settings page.

Step 4:
Click on the Save settings button to save changes.

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