I've set my taxonomy description field to taking a filtered text value. Using the UI, I can edit a taxonomy term, write some HTML, save, and when I view it I see the HTML rendered by my browser.

However when doing this:

$wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper('taxonomy_term', 123);
$wrapper->description->set('<p>My html</p>');

And viewing the term's page, the description comes out with the html converted to entities, i.e. I see <p>My html</p> instead of a paragraph with My html as its content.

I notice that

$wrapper->description->value(); // <p>&lt;p&gtp;My html&lt;p&gt;</p>

Whereas if I load a term that I have edited with the UI, saving HTML to the description field,

$wrapper->description->value(); // <p>Some html</p>

I've looked at $wrapper->description and $wrapper->value()->description and there's no difference between a term with/without the correct/desired behaviour.

Also, I note that with normal fields, when you set a formatted text field you pass/get an array [ 'format' => 'filtered', 'value' => '<p>the html</p>' ] whereas here I only ever get a string.

Is this something peculiar to taxonomy terms (and is there a workaround or extra code I need)? Have I misunderstood something?


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I just encountered a similar situation myself and it looks like you're choices are either taxonomy_term_save() or to update the table directly via db_update(). The format property belongs to the term itself, rather than the Description property of the term. If you execute $term->getPropertyInfo() you'll see that the format property is not returned. Keep in mind that the Description is a property of the taxonomy entity, rather than a field, but doesn't seem to be accessible via EMW.


  'tid' => $tid,
  'description' => $t($descriptions[$info['step']]),
  'format' => 'full_html',
  'vid' => $vocab->vid,
  • Thanks for this work around. Strange how the wrapper can't deal with this. Oct 3, 2016 at 6:30

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