Pretty new to drupal. I will have roughly seven themes and looking for the best way to change themes by url... xxxx.com/parents = one theme xxxxx.com/edu be another theme xxxx.com/daily will be another theme. There will be about 7 different themes all together. What is the best way to way to make this happen.

Thank you


You can do this by using the following ways.

  1. Use the ThemeKey module

ThemeKey allows you to define simple or sophisticated theme-switching rules which allow automatic selection of a theme depending on current path, taxonomy terms, language, node-type, and many, many other properties. It can also be easily extended to support additional properties exposed by other modules.

  1. Add the following code to your settings.php

     $theme_urls = array(
       array('/admin','garland'), // Drupal already supports admin theme, anyway
    foreach ( $theme_urls as $info) {
      if (strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], $info[0]) === 0) {
        $conf['theme_default'] = $info[1];

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