I've successfully installed the module Quick Edit that let's you edit nodes in-place (in a similar way to Panels in-place editor) and might save time.

After installing the module I've yet to see any quick edit button (img1) So I tried to check permissions and they were seem fine, and I'm the admin (img2). Than I tried to clear cache and again there was no such button, so I went to ran cron and some errors appeared (img3+4).

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On the quick edit drupal page it says,

Works with any Drupal 7 site (requires the Entity API, CTools and Libraries API (>=2) modules, plus the Underscore.js (>=1.5) and Backbone.js (>=1.0) JavaScript libraries). If in-place WYSIWYG editing is desired, you must also use the CKEditor module.

You need to download and install the libraries module

Then you need to create a libraries folder in sites/all folder. So it looks like this sites/all/libraries

Then you need to download the Backbone.js and Underscore.js and put them inside the sites/all/libraries folder.

I also see you have some other errors, which is not Quick Edit related. Must be from some other module you installed.

What the errors are saying is that you need to create a custom CK editor http://ckeditor.com/builder and make sure you include the Shared Space and Source Dialog plugins. So under avalable plugins (right column), scroll and find these plugins and click on the left arrow to include them on your CK editor build. Then scroll all the way down, checkmark the I agree to terms box and click on Download. Then you need unzip and put the ckeditor folder in your sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ folder. So it will look like this sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor


Install the the Backbone library.

If you have not installed the Libraries API module, do so first.

Then in your libraries folder (e.g. sites/all/libraries/) install the Backbone Javascript library and the Underscore Javascript library.

  • Thank you guys. My aim is to use Quick edit without CKeditor... A minimalist use just to fix some typo's here and there. I must ask, what are Backbone.js and Underscore --- or the better question would be (with hope for the simplest answer possible) why are they needed for the module to work? – JohnDoea May 15 '15 at 21:31
  • I didn't realize it could be used without CKEditor but it makes sense that it would be. Backbone and Underscore are javascript libraries that need to be installed into the libraries folder, after the libraries module is installed. – beth May 16 '15 at 1:28

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