I am building a small site with very simple products, what I am trying to do is build a product list based on one product node, it's more easy to use an example to explain.

Like I have a product node with these fields, title, unit number, unit, price, we call it [base product].

Title: juice unit number: 100 unit: ml /milliliter/ price: 3$

Now how to generate a product like this? Please note that the price are auto-calculated.

  • juice 100ml 3$ add_to_cart_form
  • juice 200ml 6$ add_to_cart_form /* 3$x2 */
  • juice 300ml 9$ add_to_cart_form /* 3$x3 */
  • juice 400ml 12$ add_to_cart_form /* 3$x4 */
  • juice 500ml 15$ add_to_cart_form /* 3$x5 */
  • juice 600ml 18$ add_to_cart_form /* 3$x6 */
  • juice 700ml 21$ add_to_cart_form /* 3$x7 */

Please note that this product is actually one product reference page but have several add_to_cart form buttons, all the information is generate from [base product]

Because the product is so simple that I don't want the user have to increase the product quality themselves by input numbers or click the add_to_cart buttons again and again, just pick up a quality and add_to_cart.

However, this also can be solved by adding product nodes with different quality number, but it's a pain if you want to change the price information when you product reference page have a much longer list for displaying, especially when all the products have a same [base price].

Any insight or suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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use the inline entity form module to enable product variations. in the node you only have a product reference field, where you reference all your desired product(-variations)

then the user still can input the quantity, but also choose the product-variation. in your case the different ml-units.

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