I'm trying to create entities from my custom form. To do that, I created "Add more" button, where I'm dynamically adding new elements that I'm attaching fields to by using:

field_attach_form('myentity', $entity, $form['wrapper']['myentities'][$key]['fields'], $form_state);

I would like to create entities in submit callback with field values from those elements.

The problem is, that when I have a multiple elements, inputs for the same type of fields of different entities have the same "name" attribute (eg. field_myfield[und][0][value]), which means that I can access only the value from the field of the last entity in the submit callback, which means that I cannot fill my entity with proper values before saving. I tried to put '#tree' => TRUE up the form tree, and unset this value on field level, but it didn't change an input name, and "values" structure.

How can I have in my submit callback access to all of the field values, so I could use them for creating entities?

  • $form['wrapper']['myentities'][$key]['fields'] what is the $key variable here? Could you post a bit more context of what your form looks like? Normally setting the form['#tree'] to true should do the trick. – Suranga Panagamuwa Gamage May 18 '15 at 23:25
  • $key is a number, in submit handler I'm creating basic entity objects and adding them to array in $form_state $form_state['myentities'][] = entity_create(...), and during ajax replacing, in my main form building function I'm iterating over this array and creating form elements for those entities with attaching fields. – Łukasz Zaroda May 19 '15 at 7:54
  • Apperantly you have to use the #parents key to fix this, see the documentation on field_attach_form. – Suranga Panagamuwa Gamage May 19 '15 at 12:12

You need to use the #parents variable as documented in the field_attach_form page. See field_attach_form

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