Is it possible to have a multisite set up in drupal 8 and create view on Site A and have that appear on Site B? I cant find anything in drupal documentation for sharing views. I can share users, content, and taxonomy, but nothing else.

  • Probably not since views are config entities and not content entities.
    – user21641
    May 19, 2015 at 20:10

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Multisite sharing works by using the same prefix for certain tables. It's dark magic, especially in 8.x, with the automatically created entity and field tables.

Since all config is stored in the same table, that's not possible.

You could write a custom config storage controller that stores certain config in a shared table, but that seems like a very crazy idea to me.

Configuration can be exported/imported and probably doesn't change that often. There will also be modules like features and others that will make re-using configuration easier.

I would also strongly recommend to consider other options to share your content. I can't imagine that this works reliably in 8.x.

  • Thanks. I am just exploring all options. I know table prefixing is the quick and dirty way to get it done. May 21, 2015 at 14:13

Here's a different approach. With CMI, you could export your view (when it has changed) on site A and import it on site B (using drush config-merge or rsync). I did this already with D8 testing sites and it worked nicely IIRC. Sure it's less flexible and granular than really sharing a 'live' view between 2 sites but chances that you want to update your view frequently are equally low, aren't they?

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