I added a term reference field (field_department_term_ref) to user entity (/admin/config/people/accounts/fields), then I need use Views to list all the users with the same term as current logged in user (including current logged in user himself). I referenced this post, But unfortunately there are 2 differences:

  1. Contextual filter "User: field_department_term_ref" can not get the right default value.
  2. If I don't select the "Exclude" checkbox in the MORE section, it will only show current user himself; if not, it will show others users but no current user.

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By default it provides a way to pass the term from current node and not from user. But there are two different ways to do this :

  1. By Custom Code : Get the term id using $user variable and pass term id to the views_embed_view function which is used to render the views.
  2. Create two views :

    • First view : User list with contextual filter term field that is added in account settings.
    • Second View : User view with contextual filter uid that filters the current logged in user.

      -- In field section add term id field and exclude it from there.

      -- Next field would be the first view which prints the list of users by taking the term argument.

      -- Pass the token of tid in argument section of view field.

To add a views as a field you need a module : Views Field View.

  • I used your second method, it works nicely! Thank you!
    – fishfree
    Commented May 22, 2015 at 5:52

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