Is there any way to find my opened/active sessions and close them in Drupal?. Like in Gmail, If there already exists a session for the logged in user they can be notified like the follows and they can close all active sessions of them except the current session.

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Similarly as an Admin I would like to view active sessions for all users. I know that all sessions are stored in sessions table. I can retrieve them by creating a custom module. But I wonder is there any module available for this


There exists a module for that called Active Sessions

Active Session is a module that allows a user to see if there is more than one session opened for their user and allows them (with permissions) to end other sessions belonging to their user. There is also an interface where a user with permissions can view all active sessions and close them.

Active Session creates a block that, by default, is placed in the footer of the page for users with 'view own sessions' or 'view all sessions' permissions to see and get more details about the sessions.

Images from module page enter image description here enter image description here

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