At the moment the usage overview page on drupal.org gives an idea of the number of sites using a certain module. However as noted this includes information from only sites that include the update status module which means it is biased toward newer sites, is there a way to see an overview of the download statistics of a module as well in a similar view?

  • Seems we have an API from drupal.org we can hook into pull this information across.
    – Nishan
    May 22, 2015 at 5:30

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As you mentioned, d.o. has an API from which you can retrieve project information. For your purposes, you can retrieve module downloads with the following URL:


The JSON output has a property called list which is an array of node objects for each module project. Each node object contains a property called field_download_count that contains the project's download count.

Note: results are paged (100 per result) from the web service so you'll have to iterate through 307 pages of results to get all module projects (the JSON output contains a first, last, prev, next property with URLs that let you navigate through the pages)


You can get information about a particular module in both XML and JSON format by accessing URL:

Eg: (For Views Module) :

XML format:


JSON format:


Reference: https://www.drupal.org/api

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