i have been trying all morning to get my webform to open up within ctools modal_forms popup window. i’ve tried everything, but nothing has worked so far.

the module is working no problem. this form window displays as expected.


and my webform is published and working


but when viewing docs and tuts on the module, the URL would seem to be


i’ve also manually created links such as this

<a class="ctools-use-modal" href="/modal_forms/nojs/webform/free-trial">Modal Login</a>

<a class="ctools-use-modal" href="/webform/free-trial">Modal Login</a>

even went to the config page and set,

PAGE ACTIVATION SETTINGS/Only the listed pages


Mondo Aggro! any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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I would recommend you to create your own menu item where you should load and print the webform using examples from the ctools module.


The issue is your modal link path isn't correct. When using Webforms the link needs to use the Node ID (nid), not the form clean-url (/modal_forms/nojs/webform/[nid]) Here's how the link would look considering your example above:

<a class="ctools-use-modal ctools-modal-modal-popup-large" href="/modal_forms/nojs/webform/123123">Free Trial</a>

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