I want to categorise my pages and see the category names in path.

For example: instead of http://localhost/a-funny-story, http://localhost/stories/funny/a-funny-story.

What is the best practice? I tried to do it with Pathauto module. I created a content type with a term reference of a category taxonomy.

I use this pattern [node:field_my_page_category]/[node:title] in "CONTENT PATHS". But this doesn't work for multi-level categories. I tried to use "join" [node:field_my_page_categories:parents:join:/]/[node:title] as mentioned here.

But I get this error: The Pattern for all Sayfa paths is using the following invalid tokens: [node:field_my_page_category:parents:join:/].

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If it is a node, you need to use Pathauto and also Replacement Patterns, in the Replacement Patterns select the taxonomy term and put it in the url.

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But if you need to list set of contents based on the url you need to use Views and add the terms as contextual filters.

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Enabling Entity Tokens module and changing the pattern to [node:field_my_page_categories:parents:join:/]/[node:field_my_page_categories:name]/[node:title] solved my problem.

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