Hi I have a main menu named Home and there a sub menus in it. When I click any of the menu item of sub menu the content of the sub menu displayed. But After that I can not go to home by clicking home menu as it contains sub menu and it does not point to home link hence its non clickable. My issue is that I want parent item to points to a link and sub menus too. Is it possible?. I am using bootstrap theme.

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You can do this by using below modules :

  1. Path Breadcrumb

This module is a solution for all problems with the breadcrumbs on your site!

Path Breadcrumbs module helps you to create breadcrumbs for any page with any selection rules and load any entity from the URL!

  1. Menu Breadcrumb

By default, Drupal 6+ use the Navigation menu for the breadcrumb. This module allows you to use the menu the current page belongs to for the breadcrumb.

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