I am trying to update my modules and I am getting this error line:

Fatal error: Class 'RulesEventHandlerEntityBundle' not found in /home1/kctd/public_html/community/sites/all/modules/rules/modules/node.rules.inc on line 147.

I am in the Update.PHP screen (see photo near the bottom) and I have a few unresolved dependencies. I would normally retro install some of those modules, but when I try to check manually, or even go to my modules screen, I get the error listed above. I am locked out.

What should I do?

How my update screen looks like right now

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According to your "unresolved dependency" error messages, you are currently using the 2.2 version of the Flag module. While the Flag Friend module requires the 2.1 version of it.

It's worth trying to replacing the entire flag folder in your modules directory as follows:

  • backup your flag module folder (to somewhere outside your Drupal root).
  • delete the flag module folder and its entire content.
  • download the 7.x-2.1 release of the flag module and unpack that version in the very same "flag" module folder.

Then try again and see if that helps. If not restore your backup directory (to try some other approach).


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