In my Drupal 7 site I want to display how many times user's content was flagged. As option I want to set a global variable counts and display it in different parts of *.tpl.php files. The value can be calculated with flag_get_counts($entity_type, $entity_id) for each user's node_id. Function that calculates counts should be called in template_page_preprocess() to update value each time page is reloaded.

What is more efficient approach to implement this?

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The right way is using template_preprocess_node().

Place the following code in template.php of your front end theme:

function YOUR_THEME_preprocess_node(&$vars) {
  // I suppose you don't want to do this for every content type on the site.
  switch ($vars['node']->type) {
      $vars['count'] = flag_get_counts('node', $vars['node']->nid);

This will make the $count variable available in .tpl.php files that are used for displaying nodes of your content type.

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