Users on my site add their "interests" via an autocomplete term reference field on a Profile2 form (adding to the "Interests" vocabulary). I would like to send the users a daily email of content tagged with those same terms listed in their profile.

  • I would also like to format this content a bit so it is aesthetically appealing - rather than just plain links to the related content. Maybe something like themed 'teasers' for the content.
  • I would like to just show the 2 most recent posts for 2 different types of content (both having the matching "interest" terms to the user, of course).
  • I have a view set up that currently displays the above information in a block, but again I would like this as a daily email. I thought this view could maybe just be inserted in rules, but this seems not to work as the contextual filter is based off the 'logged in user'

I was thinking this could be accomplished through Rules, but I have not yet figured out the right arrangement. Or perhaps a modified daily simnplenews newsletter with a view insert could work?

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