1.Using search configuration module I have restricted the user role to search particular content type, this worked for me. But when I tried to apply the same approach to administrator this did work. I have unchecked the Admin bypass (primary user with id 1) the option too.

Is there a way to restrict the admin too to search specific content ?

2.And my second issue is about pagination, using the same module pagination is successfully applied, but for admin it is default set to 10 items per page, can I alter this?

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I don't think so; you would have to either:

  1. Create a new role and then limit search configuration for that node.

  2. Use Views to simply create another page for administrators where they can search the title/body, limited to a certain type.

  3. Install Views Bulk Operations and Admin Views which will then allow you to change the default administration pages, and limit the displayed content types if you want.

  4. If you need more complex search, look into Search API with Search API Database Search. These modules integrate with Views and you will be able to cover more complex scenarios.

Solutions 2, 3 and 4 use Views, so you will be able to change the number of items displayed per page.

Hope this helps.


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