I have enabled i10n, i18n, entity translation, title and variable modules and built a multilingual commerce site with language English as default language and $USD as default currency. And French and Poland as additional languages.

But I am unable to change the currency symbol in other languages.

How to translate currency symbol also?

  • Why do you want to change the currency symbol? Isn't $ the symbol for USD in all languages, and € the symbol for EUR in all languages?
    – bdsl
    Commented Mar 19, 2016 at 20:08

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Have a look at the Currency module, here is a quote about it (from its project page):

... provides your website with currency conversion, currency information & metadata, and amount/price display functionality.

This module facilitates Localized price display. Here is an excerpt from that link also:

... displays prices/amounts based on users' locales, so they are formatted in a way that is familiar to them. The different formats can be configured at Home » Administration » Configuration » Regional and language » Currency localization. Locales consist of a language and a country, and formatting patterns are configured per locale.

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